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Witness to History, an encyclopedic textbook, provides a full Holocaust curriculum to schools, complete with an educational DVD and Teacher's Guide.
Its cutting-edge scholarship and vibrant visuals will bring history to life for your students.
witness to history
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witness to history
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about our book

Witness to History untangles the complex and tragic history of the Holocaust, providing the reader with a deeper understanding of the unique nature of the tragedy. Yet Witness to History is more than a history book. It is a story of the Jewish spirit, of the human spirit, of incomprehensible loss, and finally, triumphantly, of rebirth.
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book format

The book is divided into five units. Brief excerpts are provided below:
Unit I - Between World Wars
The turbulent period between the two world wars and a vivid history of the rise of the Nazi party.
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Unit II - The War Years:
The War Years: An overview of both the theory and the implementation of the German "Final Solution" in major regions under German control during World War II.
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Unit III - Narratives:
Moving testimonies to Jewish faith and perseverance in times of great adversity. Narratives of spiritual struggle illustrate the concepts of Kiddush Hashem and Kiddush Hachayim as manifested during the Holocaust. The stories of the rescue of major chassidic leaders and yeshivah students complete the unit.
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Unit IV - Response:
The reaction of influential nations, significant institutions, and righteous individuals to the genocide of the Jews during the war years.
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Unit V - The Aftermath:
The immediate impact of the Holocaust and its long-term effects.
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